Shopping List Orders help at

Shopping List Orders help at

Stuff Hound members have the ability to create shopping lists.

When visiting an item page indexed here at Stuff Hound, members have tools that show up on the left side of the page. One of the many tools is add to ADD TO SHOPPING LIST button.

By clicking the Shopping List button, the information on the page can be added to the members shopping list.

The shopping list is found via the Dashboard MENU TOOLS and clicking on the SHOPPING LIST/ORDERS button.

There are several things in the shopping list area that members can do.

Shopping list items can be delete, notes about the item can be made, and when the merchant has opted into take orders online, a member can place an order and pick it up in the brick and mortar style store front.

Shopping lists have a link to print the list and carry when shopping in the town were the member is located.


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