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Signing up at is quick and easy to do. Plus signing up is inexpensive. It costs from free if you make a link to Stuffy, Stuff Hound from your web site or as much as $1 a day.

The cost and services at Stuffy can’t be beat. To sign up use the Join link at the top of the Stuffy pages.

Customers need to sign up with either making a link from their web site or by paying the tiny fee at Both are used to verify that the member is for real. That way when listing stuff at Stuff Hound and buying stuff, other members including merchants can feel as if the member is for real.

After joining Stuff Hound members can do things like.

  • List stuff that is for sale locally in brick and mortar type of businesses.
  • Form buddies and alert them about stuff they are interested in that is for sale locally.
  • If you have question feel free to Contact

    Stuffy is here to help shop and buy local campaigns.