Buy local Denver merchant sell locally network

Buy Local Denver is the place on the Web where customer and merchants alike in Denver can list stuff that is for sale locally in brick and mortar style businesses. is dedicated to buy local movements and buying locally in places like Denver.

Stuff Hound is setup so that stuff for sell in local stores can be posted and found in local businesses.

Customers and merchants can both do all sorts of powerful things at Stuff Hound to enhance the buy local effort to strength jobs within our local communities.

How-it works for customers and merchants and producers alike is:

  • Customers and merchants sign up at Stuff Hound.
  • Customers and merchants Login to Stuff Hound.
  • Stuff Hound members can list stuff they know about that is for sale locally.
  • Merchants
    • List inventory one at a time or in mass using a CSV file.
    • Stuff listed can be modified at any time.
    • Stuff can be ordered from online and picked up in the store if merchant chooses that option.
    • Stuff listed has the option to accept buddies.
    • Buddies of stuff merchants list can be automagically notified of sales and prices changes etc.


    • Can list stuff they know is for sale locally.
    • Customers can form buddy groups and tell buddies about stuff for sale.
    • Customers can buddy up with stuff Merchants and customers list for alerts about the stuff.
    • Orders can be made and picked up in the store when the merchant opts into ordering.
    • Each member has an interest area to keep track of things they are watching for sale locally and ordering and picking up at a local store.


  • List stuff for sale locally and in local locations across the USA.
  • For example a farmer or wine producer could list all the locations in all the outlets at the farm, farm stands, farmer markets, stores across the country and restaurants that serve their products.
  • Producers and merchants can use Stuff Hound to place orders for products.


  • Members can create local online clubs at Stuff Hound for topics and help each find what they are shopping for locally.

The above is a short list of the many tools that Stuff Hound offers customers, merchants and producers that want to produce, sell, shop and buy locally.

Stuff Hound is a sane way to list and find stuff for sale locally and save time, money and energy driving around looking for stuff that is for sale locally.

Check out today.

If you have any questions feel to ask at by using the contact form.

See you online at Stuff Hound soon to help you with different Stuff Hound tools as well with Buy local Denver related opportunites at