Shop local movement at Stuff Hound

Shop local movement at is what Stuffy is all about.

Stuff Hound is a site dedicated to producing, selling, shopping and buying local.

Stuff Hound is where customers, merchants and producers can list stuff they know about for sale locally.

The idea behind Stuff Hound buy local movement is instead of wasting time, money and fuel driving around looking for stuff for sale locally, people can list and then find buy local stuff at Stuff Hound of via giant search engines.

Imagine how much time and money you could save by knowing a merchant where you live or work has the stuff you are looking for to buy locally.

The Internet has been around for over two decades. It’s about time local business figure out they can sell stuff online. Customer can find stuff locally online and then if the merchant opts into online ordering a customer can order it and pick it up in the brick mortar store.

This way people can buy local and save jobs and strengthen their communities through taxes in an old fashioned way before the giant Internet retailers took business away from Main Street USA.

Today the shop and buy local movement has the means to take back the business if they choose to use the many powerful tools the Internet and Stuff Hound offers.