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Fight back with technology and save money, time and energy!

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Join Stuffy at Stuff Hound and become a team shopper with others you know and know what they are looking to buy locally.

At Stuff Hound Stuffy can help you save tons of cash over a very short period of time.

Stuffy offers a variety of powerful tools for members list and find stuff for sale in local brick and mortar style stores in the places they shop where they live and work.

Stiff Hound members can become better and more powerful in control shoppers when it comes to sales, availability and helping team members/buddies they work with online at Stuff Hound to find things for sale locally.

Members can follow stuff they are interested in buying locally. Members create buddies on their shopping teams that work together to alert each other about stuff hey know about for sale locally. For example your in a store like I was today and noticed onions for .25 pound or grape tomatoes on sale for only $1 a container or oranges for .69 a pound or kale for $1.99.

You might balk and say what kind of savings are those. If you check out the prices in stores and at Stuff Hound you will see MANY dollars that can be saved everyday with team shopping.

Check out Stuffy at Stuff Hound right now and see for yourself some of the power to save time, money and energy shopping for the stuff you need.

Here is a quick example of things you can list and find when others list stuff at Stuff Hound.

  • Kale in Marysville Washington. There was a .50 cents savings on 3.12.12 when this was written.
  • Tortillas in Marysville Washington. There was a savings of $1.14.

    Hopefully you can see where this is going. Team shop and you will save some serious bucks.

    Plus if you shop locally you might help save your job, jobs of people you know and support social and other services provided when we pay taxes on the goods and services we buy locally and not online from Timbuktu.

    Fight back with technology and save money, time and energy!