Team Shopping at Stuff Hound

Fight back with technology and save money, time and energy!

Team Shopping at Stuff Hound is all about working with other people to find and alert team members about deals that are for sale locally.

Stuff Hound is a social shopping site where members can list stuff they know is for sale in local brick and mortar style businesses in the area where they live, work and shop and buy locally.

How it works.

  • People can search and browse for stuff for sale in store in the towns they shop in.
  • Stuff Hound members have many powerful tools available when they join.
  • Members can:
    • Add stuff, edit and delete it.
    • Members can form buddy networks and alert buddies about stuff that is on sale or available in local businesses.
    • When stuff is listed members can be alerted when the price changes or is available again.
    • Members can create interest lists to follow stuff they are interested in purchasing locally.
    • Shopping lists can be created and used on Smart type phones when out shopping for deals found on Stuff Hound or just general shopping needs list.
    • Stuff Hound has an AdMaster section where local online ads can be found and stuff listed in Stuff Hound from the ads and or added to shopping lists plus alert buddies about deals.
    • Savings over on year can be calculated using Stuff Hound for different products purchased. For example. Tortillas at Winco are something like $1.85 and $2.79 at Albertsons in the same town. The savings is $1.14, Buying one pack over 52 weeks is a potential savings of $52 plus. This is all calculated automatically in a Stuff Hound savings account for members.

    Merchants can list stuff for sale in local brick and mortar style stores but for many reasons they won’t list anything.

    So, customers can work together and break the chains of being held as shopping bondage hostages.

    With the cost of fuel and other things rising fast customer members at Stuff Hound can choose to fight back with technology and save money time and energy or learn to live with being take for a ride economically.