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Baker Lake kayaking
Baker Lake kayaking
Paddle Heaven
"Some" Washington State, British Columbia, Californial flatwater recreational kayak put in sites
"Some" day touring route wet dreams information.

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Washington State public lands parking permit.

Starts July 1, 2011.
Supports our parks.

WDFW Public Water Access sites.

Paddle Heaven Links

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WWTA Washington Water Trails Association. Member supported kayak campsites.
WWTA Paddling Clubs List

Clubs in Washington
Cold Water Kills
The Map Thing WAKE's PNW kayaking map with put-ins, tides, weather.
River levels
Tides Washingtoin State British Columbia.
Marine Forecast
iWindsurf.com Handy site about wind and forecasts.
Watchable Wildlife
WDFW parking permits
Google Maps
Paddle Heaven Maps
People for Puget Sound
Washington Department of Ecology
Canadian Regulations
Leave No Trace
Washington Wildlife and Recreation Coalition
NOISE pollution. One Square Inch A Sanctuary for Silence at Olympic National Park.
One Square Inch of Silence, the book.
Recent whale sightings in the Salish Sea Learn about whales, Orcas, Grays and report sightings.
Other Wenatchee Outdoors.org Hike,bike,climb,camp in Central Washington State.
Adventures in Paddling the Pacific Northwest by Craig Jungers
Big Rock Excursions Ramblings of a northwest free-time hiker.
Paddle to Seattle Two buddies paddle the Inside Passage from Alaska to Seattle in owner made kayaks.
Inflatable Kayaking in BC Paddling around many different locations in inflatable kayaks. Very cool blog.
Lower Columbia River Water Trail

Aqua Treck Kayak & Marine Center the old Popeyes, Features kayaks and paddling supplies plus touring opportunites in the Puget Sound region.

British Columbia
BC Car-Free: Exploring Southwestern British Columbia Without a Car by Brian Grover The entire 340 page outdoor guidebook BC Car-Free: Exploring Southwestern British Columbia Without a Car is now posted online for the benefit of all. Peruse and use at you leisure. Register for expanded access. Great book to buy read and use.

Canadian Topo Maps Online Purchase regular or waterproof paper prints.

The Atlas of Canada Print your own topo maps.

Lacey Hartje nature and more.

Public lands
Public Lands Information Center. a site dedicated to public lands in the USA. Tons of maps and information.

USA National Parks With awesome map and other resources.

UsBackRoads exploration of the public lands.