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  • Never miss a local deal again!
    Shop online locally and find whats onsale locally.

  • Save tons of time, money and energy shopping locally.
    Don't drive around all day wasting time, fuel and your energy.

  • Team shop
    Fight back with technology to save money, time and energy with team shopping at Stuff Hound. Shop online with others to list and find the deals people are looking for.

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    Search for local stuff for sale.

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    Browse local stuff geographical areas, and by categories.

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    Form customer & merchant buddy networks. Help each other to list and find stuff for sale locally.

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    Alert shopping buddies about local stuff.

  • Clubs
    Create clubs for others to work collectively listing and finding stuff for sale locally. For example, if a person is interested in locally grown organic vegitables one or more people in clubs can help each other find the stuff they are looking for saving tons of time and energy driving around.

  • Create a favorites list.
    Make a list of

  • Shopping lists.
    Create an interest collection and then a shopping list to take with you on when buying locally.

  • Create a wishlist.
    Producers and merchants can help fill your wishes locally.

  • Order local stuff online and pick up stuff orders locally. Businesses can opt into allowing online ordering and in store local pick service.

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    Imagine saving tons of time and money shopping online locally. This isn't a fantasy any longer when using Stuff Hound.

    Customers can list and comment about stuff they know about for sale locally.
    Imagine becoming the master of and not a slave when it comes to shopping.

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