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Your story

Farm + Stuff Hound

What do they yell at LGBT rallies and marches? "Out of the closets and into the streets!" Stuffy says, "Out of the farms and get online!" In other words where the hell are you people? Do a search for X, Y or Z farm much of anything in your area and what do you find? Somewhere around zero. The Internet has been around for over two decades. It went commecial around 1995. Hopefully farmers will stop the luddite act and allow consumers to know you might have something to sell. If you want to remain a secret society, go for it. In that case Stuff Hound isn't for you. If you'd like to break free from the hide and seek farmer consumer game then Stuffy has something you might find interesting when it comes to using this technology right here in front of your face and at your fingertips to reach out and touch your customers locally today.

  1. You have product to sell? You need customers.
  2. List your "TIMELY" available product today.
      Carrots are available today August 11, 2016 at Your Farm, farmstand, farmer market, coop, grocery, restaurant, CSA you name it.

      NOTE: Listings are either active or inactive. What that means is more or less the following. The example carrots can be listed as available NOW or listed and seen as unavailable at Suff Hound. But consumers can if growers elect the option to accept buddies and then alert buds when the carrots are available in the future.

  3. Google and others index your stuff listed here.
  4. Customers find your product via Google and or Stuff Hound.
  5. Consumers find your stuff via cell or computer search.
      Carrots Timbuktu
  6. The dates when available, where and how much.
  7. Growers can create product buddies and alert followers when product is available.
      Carrots available when, where and how much
  8. Create product buddy e-lists interested in next season purchaes.
  9. Restaurants and others can find your product online today.
  10. Create Stuff Hound farm bio.
  11. Create a Stuff Hound store.
  12. Link videos etc for transparency for pride of production and consumption.
  13. Link to locations your product is available in locations beyond the farm like stores, restaurants you name it.
      Carrots available the Big Shitty Food COOP now!
  14. Take online orders and fill them for customer pickup at a farm market, farmstand or ...
  15. Create online CSA advance orders. Consumer pays to have the carrots grown and or you name it.
  16. Hundreds or thousands of items can be created and uploaded instantly. Using a comma seperated spread sheet each item listed will have it's own web page at Stuffy. Each item can be altered by uploading a new file. So when the carrots are available or over and the corn is on the cob this and any info related to your stuff can be launched to Stuff Hound from your computer pronto. Change the spread sheet, upload, voila all your Stuffy listing change and Google gobbles it up.
    Someof the Downsides
  • You as grower needs to be proactive and actually list the stuff you have for sale. Whiners are not welcome at Stuff Hound. If you grow stuff I assume you want to either sell it, trade it or give it away, right? If so get with it and allow people the right to know you have something available NOW! If not this site isn't for you.

  • Growers need to teach their customers and other growers about searching Google for stuff locally. Most people don't search for things like 'carrots timbuktu'. Stuff Hound is meant to be an Amazon for the rest of us. But people need to be told to use the technology to shop locally.

  • Stuff Hound is NOT about global anything. It is about one on one producer consumer connectivity. Currently as of July 2, 2016 zero people use Stuff Hound or the Internet for that matter in effective manners to find 'carrots Timbuktu' of much of anything locally. In other words one grower lists stuff and slowly but surely people will learn they have the power using this technology to harness the power of one on a very local level.

  • So, there is no magic fairy want here. People more than likely will NEVER find your product until you verbally and on paper etc. drive the concept of finding farm anything locally via SERP, search engine results pages. Most of us are too stupid to breathe and need a helping hand to get with the program and take charge of the techology in creative powerful ways.

  • Listing stuff at Stuff Hound isn't a joke. It take time and energy. If the carrots are not available a grower needs to make sure the Stuffy listing isn't still active. For many this responsibility is over their head. Consequently Stuff Hound listings aren't for everyone. People that are technophobic and lazy whiners aren't good prospects for listing at Stuff Hound. Listing NEED to be kept current.

My story

Earth to growers. Hey, I'm a consumer. You have stuff to sell. How do I find it? Drive around and waste time, money and energy? By the time I find the carrots that sell for $3 a pound they actually cost $15 or more in gas etc. That's insane on many different levels.

I've been a gardener/grower most all of my life. I think I have many clues on some of the many ins and outs of farm gardening. There are tons of things to consider. Stuff is here to help with some of the marketing. If you list and train your customers to, for and about finding you and your stuff online by searching locally like the example 'carrots Timbuktu' we will all be better off. We can then find real farm food etc.

SIDEBAR: Stuff Hound is not just your run of the mill online site. The idea is to be revolutionary. Stuffy offers users the ability to do several powerful things. Tools like creating a shopping club. I like good clean organic food. I can or anyone can create a club about what they are interested in. Then other members of their club can help other find the stuff they are looking for. This could save a shit load of time, energy and wear and tear on the Earth. Shoppers can save things they are interested in. Order the stuff and pick up at the grower or brick and mortar etc when a lister allows online orders. Growers and anyone selling anything can list and opt into accepting buddies/followers of stuff they sell. So everyone that is interested in 'carrots Timbuktu' will be alerted when the carrots are ready. Shoppers can make shopping lists and head to the farm, farmstand, farm market, store you sell in or you name it. Shoppers can also alert others about stuff that is listed at Stuff Hound.

Stuff Hound is meant to be a power to the people social shopping site. There are some ultimate fantasies that I would like to see with Stuffy. That being consumers would have power to exercise more control over the market prices etc. In other words when it comes to giant corp sales shoppers can list stuff and tell others they can find that same product at another location. Or be alerted that stuff is now on sale at X,Y or Z store. This can save consumers tons of bucks. I'm poor. Saving dollars might not be for many people. But I believe for many if they learned to use Stuff Hound effectively they could cash in big time.

Back to the farm.
I don't know about you but I've got better things to do than guessing when your carrots are ready. Then I and anyone interested in farm products have to spend how much time and gas or whatever to find out you are not actually open or selling or at the farmer market etc. Get the picture?

"We the people" want to know if you and others will be at a farm market when and where. Or do you sell at the farm or have a farmstand etc. Otherwise, why are you growing? I assume some do it for fun? I'm part nerd and I do Stuff Hound for fun.

Yes there are guides in different regions that for example show carrots and other stuff "might" be available between say May and July. Let's get real. That quiant guesstimate is cute but it doesn't make sense for buyers or sellers serious about buying and selling.

Stop the insanity
Start selling to people looking for and interested in developing an ongoing relatiohship with you and your products today.

Get it? Got it? Good!
Sign up today for Stuff Hound. It's free if you learn to do the listings yourself. If you want me to do it for you there is some money involved or trade for product.

Questions/suggestions/ideas/need help when it comes to Stuff Hound?

Feel free to pick my brains by using the contact form.

Together Stuffy at Stuff Hound is here to make farm product sells rock for producers and consumers alike.

Here is an example of a possible 'My Farm Product map'. This should be titled 'The last farm in Marysville Washingtion' not the song the The Monkees - Last Train To Clarksville 1966 - YouTube although the Monkees song could be the current theme of the state of the secret society of farms today. Evil grin. With the secret password and handshake you to can list the stuff you produce on your farm. Use the contact farm form at for further details.

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