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Merchant services at Stuff Hound

  • Sell locally
    Sell products and services you provide to local customers in the area where you are located.

  • List products & services
    List items and services you have for sale so people in your market area can find what you have to sell. Stuff listed at Stuff Hound is indexed and can be found via the search or browse. Google and other search engines will also index stuff listed.

  • Upload tons of products
    List products and services one at a time or use a database CSV, comma separated value file and upload many items all at once.

    Merchants can upload csv file inventory or outsource Stuff Hound to do it.

  • Create buddy followers
    Allow customers to register as a buddy to follow the products and services you have to offer locally.

  • Alert product buddy followers
    If you choose to allow customers to sign up as a buddy follower of a product you can alert them when a product is availabele, on sale etc.

  • Take orders online fill in store
    Merchants can choose to take orders online and then fill them so customers can come into a brick and mortar business and pick up the items or services sold.

  • Provide online customer services
    By listing stuff for sale locally you are providing an extension of your brick and mortar to people and places online.

  • Communicate with customers
    Signing up and allowing buddies to follow your products and services you can communicate with your customers.

  • Advertising
    Do it yourself flat rate cost effective advertising

  • Education
    Use the Stuff Hound University to get educated on how-to use Stuff Hound services and the Internet to effectively shop, sell and produce via the electrons.

  • Contact Stuff Hound Consider

    Stuff Hound to be your online farm store or any store for that matter.

    Pretend you grow spuds and you list them online. How is anyone going to know you have spuds for sale unless you market them? Stuff Hound is a way for producers and merchants to list stuff and inform customers to sign up with Stuff Hound to follow the spuds and or other stuff you list. Then instead missing out on customers you will know in advance how many people will be interestd in the spuds, sort of like a CSA, Community Supported Agriculture set up.

    Stuff Hound isn't ment to be an Amazon like site to sell to people in Timbuktu, its meant to sell locally. Producers and merchants not only need to list stuff online but tell their customers they can find and shop and be alerted about products offered. That way you get customers and customers don't have to drive around wasting time, energy etc looking to find local spuds or whatever is for sale.

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