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Cost effective advertising

Advertising at Stuff Hound is extremely cost effective compared to some place like Google.

The cost to advertise local brick and mortar inventory for sale is:

  • $1 a day for merchant membership at Stuff Hound or $30.00 a month.
  • Uploading unlimited (As of February 2011 might change.) inventory is included.
  • Each item in a database row gets its own web page.
  • Google and other search engines will index each item.
  • Customers can search Stuff Hound or popular search engines to see what you have for sale.
  • Buy local customers can find your stuff in the organic search at Google and other engines.
  • All a merchant needs to do is:
    • Join
    • Upload
    • Use Stuffy the Stuff Hound dog in store advertising to clue customers in about your online presence.
    • Create Stuff Hound customer buddies to alert them about stuff they are interested in.
    • The price and the power can NOT be beat for local brick and mortar increased traffic and sales.
Compare the $30.00 to the as much as $6.00 a click at Google.

The database is from an attempt to use the keywords "local sales network" at Google.

The Adwords keyword tool suggested terms that cost as much as $6.00 a click.

Whereas at Stuff Hound the total cost for do it yourself is only $30 a month for as many as one hundred items that will be found in the Stuff Hound database when searched by your customers and online at places like Google in the organic search results.

Lets say you have auto supplies for sale. You list something like motor oil on sale. It is indexed here and Google and other search engines will index it. Customers can then do a search like "motor oil Marysville WA" and find the product you sell.

By "training" your customers with the Stuffy dog icon copied and used in store etc customers can follow your business online via Stuff Hound and places like Google. Your customers can become a buddy of yours at Stuff Hound and you can email alert your followers/buddies about stuff they are interested in. Do that with 10 or a 100 and you get foot traffic and sales. How it works is a business can sign up at Stuff Hound. Signing up is quick and easy and inexpensive.

Use Stuff Hound to build a local sales network following of 10, 20, 100 or more and bring foot traffic into your business and increase the sales of your brick and mortar inventory or services.

Upload Inventory today or ask for help and or get questions answered now. Ask about the inventory services now.

Stuff Hound is here to help you today, tomorrow and in the future selling your inventory online to sell locally. Don't have the time or skills to do the Stuff Hound database management? Outsource the work to Stuff Hound for very little money. Just ask.

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